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Watch some Galilee Dreamer Alumni talk about why they got involved

Students share their thoughts on their trip to South Africa

(see pictures from this trip)

I think that we have to deal with our situation in this small country wisely and patiently so we can all benefit, and try to forget a little bit about the past even though it’s hard. To try to fit in this holy land equally, as a beautiful community. To build a generation filled with vitality and mental strength.

Mohamed Abed Elrahman, Bi’na


As a teenager, I cannot lose hope. I seize every moment in which I can express and share my ideas with other students who live in different societies and I believe that we have many things in common such as interests, dreams, and visions. As Gandhi once said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world." It means that to create a peaceful country and to stop wars we must be willing to change ourselves first and to stop complaining because it won’t take us anywhere. Nothing will change unless we change.

Noor Darwesh, Bi’na


I believe that co-existence may be fostered if we make an effort to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict on different levels. On a personal level, each person should be forgiving, remove all hatred and evil inside, and be interested to see the good in the other side. On a broader level, the government must work on making laws that recognize each citizen and make everyone feel at home. I am a very optimistic person, I believe every problem has a solution and that we should not give up until peace is implemented in the country. That is important to all religions. One day I believe that equality and justice will win over evil and hatred.

Ruba Hliehel, Jish

It means a lot to me that the world knows what's going on in our country. The media loves to exaggerate and show the story as if there is a victim and an attacker. Well, in our story there is no victim and attacker. Both sides are getting hurt roughly, and also both sides are attacking hard. I hope that I can help people to help each other and learn to respect others.

Michelle Lyszyk, Tal El

I think we all should live together, because living together can give us a lot of benefits, such as we can learn about other cultures so we will have a better community and Israel will have no wars. I think people should take care of each other. We are all humans no matter what religion or thoughts or beliefs we have.

Yousef Mousa, Deir Al Assad


Coexistence can only be achieved if we treat each other as equals - when we study together or take the same bus and talk throughout the ride. Only this way can we get to know each other without prejudices and barriers. Only if we listen to each other and hear, beyond our religions, can we develop as a society and make a better world. I am going on this delegation because I want to make more healthy relationships with our Arab neighbors.

Hagar Prince, Yaad


I went to the Galilee Primary School which is a bilingual school where Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs study together. We learned about each other's cultures and traditions and became friends. Studying there for six years taught me that we can live together in respect and peace. Studying in the Galilee School gave me the opportunity to know and understand better the people that live around me.

Yiftach Rinat, Tuval


I hope to join this program because I think that the connection between the Jews and Arabs in our area is very important because we are neighbors and we need to live together so it is better to be friends.

Amir Zinder, Yaad

Alumni: Meet the Team
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