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Programs in Israel

Galilee Dreamers comprehensive three-year initiative includes 10th, 11th and 12th graders.


The students, divided into sub-groups - with peers from the eight participating schools in each sub-group - meeting biweekly by Zoom or in person. Students get to know each other and begin thinking about how they are similar and different.


10th grade is devoted to Identity

Building one’s own identity and understanding the identities of others. Activities aim to create personal relationships across cultures and narratives, which will lead to strengthening one’s identity with historical and cultural legacy and acknowledging the other’s identity and perceptions of history.


11th grade focuses on Training

Participants deepen the social ties between them just as they create a secure space to share different views about the history and social-cultural relationships in the Galilee. They learn how to engage in civil discourse, discussing and debating even difficult issues. Participants become involved in various projects in the Galilee. Cooperation with communities abroad develops through online learning and social media.


12th grade prepares Leaders

As the Dreamers get ready to leave their home communities and begin independent lives, they deepen their ties to one another and to the program’s vision. Together they begin planning activities, evidence of their commitment to building a shared society.  They evolve from dreamers to doers and are provided an opportunity to travel together abroad.

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