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Yasmine, English Teacher in Dir El Assad

I am an English teacher, from an Arab village in the North of Israel. This period, the war, is one of the most difficult periods we have ever experienced, and I feel that I am at a loss. But at the same 4me, I feel that there is hope that we will be able to overcome all the hurdles in our lives. As an English teacher in an Arab school in Israel, I feel that with the young generation it is possible to achieve a society based on the belief that it is possible to achieve peace between the two nations in Israel. I believe that only through programs of co-existence such as “Galilee Dreamers” will we be able to achieve peace and tranquility.

I truly felt that we need such programs to overcome the worry and fear that we are experiencing in the current period. I believe that through education and programs it is possible to bridge the gaps that exist between the two societies.

I, Yasmine, as a teacher and a human being, feel and believe that it is possible to build a society based on peace and tranquility in a most simple way. Education is the way, and through programs such as this one. This generation is our future.

Although it may be a long and not easy path, there is always hope with light at the horizon. We have to figure out how to sow the proper thoughts and aspects that will bring about peace. Peace can and does exist. We must figure out how to pass it on to our children.

Yasmine, English Teacher in Dir El Assad
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