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Raida, Guidance Counselor, Galilee High School, Nazareth

Writing a leDer about where I am today vis a vis what is happening is very complex and not at all easy. In my life in general and as a partner in Galilee Dreamers in particular, I always believed and will continue to believe that a human being is a human being, and that humanity cannot be divided.

Regarding what is happening now, I look at people who were healthy and how their lives turned upside down and became a complete tragedy. My heart breaks for them.

I feel fear and concern facing the current reality and about who we will be afterwards. So as not to

deepen this worry, it is important for us to continue to be together – to talk about the pain and to dream about a better future. That is not an easy task. And it will take a big effort on our part.

The main challenge facing us will be to bring our teens to an open, emotional, human

conversation. They should not remain in their own bubble but should instead understand that each side has its deep pain and its big dream to be in a healthier world.

It is good that in Galilee Dreamers there are supportive people who believe that it is possible.

Raida, Guidance Counselor, Galilee High School, Nazareth
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