Welcome Mar Elias High School

By Dr Rachel Ravid

On November 30th, i visited the newly recruited school of Mar Elias at Ibliin (Northwest Galilee). Mar Elias High School was founded In September,1982, and educates almost 1,200 students from forty-five villages scattered throughout the Galilee. There are even students from Jerusalem and the Negev. The school focuses on peace education and promotes acceptance and tolerance between all ethnic groups in the Galilee. It also is well known for its international collaboration in the area of peace education.

I was warmly welcomed by the head of the international relationships department, the school principal, the pedagogical advisor, as well as by students and teachers who will be part of the GD program. It was an overwhelming encounter which has given me a sense of hope in creating shared living through peace education. It was uplifting to find yet another school that represents a wide community that focuses on peace and cultural sensitivity.

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