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The Galilee Dreamer Teens Present at the Habonim 90th Anniversary Celebration

On the weekend of October 28th, the Galilee Dreamers were invited to join the Habonim Dror 90th Anniversary celebration and conference. Five of our teens and young leaders introduced the vision and the activity of the Galilee Dreamers program. They spoke openly of their experience as young adults and as leaders of social change. Members of Habonim Dror were highly impressed with the respect each of the teens showed to the other. As the co- director and the facilitator of many of the monthly activities I was proud to observe how they have developed into young adults who are capable of expressing their own views without negating the other. They related to each narrative highlighting the need to respect each one’s identity and jointly work towards a shared society in the Galilee. This presentation was initiated and funded by Dr. Desmond Kaplan. Desmond introduced the teens to his friends from South Africa and contributed greatly to the teens' emotion-filled experience at the conference. We aim to develop cooperative relationships with other socially-minded organizations through such engaging encounters. This mifgash provided the opportunity to meet with dear friends of Galilee Dreamers who until now we've met only on Zoom. It was truly exciting to be together and to exchange hugs in person.

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