Galilee Dreamers Enjoy Face to Face Encounter

On Friday, December 3rd, we finally had an in-person meeting collaboratively led by leaders of Irgun Tarbut and the GD team (co-directors, teachers and Oranim College students). The activity focused on the theme of peace and was held at Hananiah Farm, near Kibbutz Farod. The farm is an initiative of the Israel Olive Branch and engages both Arab and Jewish olive growers in shared agriculture based on the values of shared society. More than 50 students and teachers joined the activity from different towns and villages in the Galilee. We welcomed the new members of the GD from Mar Elias and their teacher Jouanna. We told the story of Hanukkah, lit candles and ate lots of sufganiot and crisps. The activity involved all three languages and was based on fun competitions and artistic activities in nature. The sounds of laughter and sense of joy and playfulness resounded throughout the farm.

On Friday, December 10th, we will held a mifgash (meeting) on Zoom between the Galilee Dreamers and students from Ash University in Berlin. This is the first of several planned gatherings. These meetings will focus on the art of video testimonies as a way to engage with one’s identity and history. This is part of our effort to engage our students in an exploration of their personal identity and family’s heritage and narrative. This fruitful collaboration involves Dr. Andrea Ploegger and Dr. Christoph Weipert in Berlin.

On Friday, December 17th, we plan to observe the Christmas celebrations at the church and Christmas market at Miilya and Notre Dame High- School. All students will engage and learn of the Christian traditions in the Galilee. The students are excited to be part of these festivities so close to home.

Dr. Rachel Ravid, Co-Director, Galilee Dreamers

Watch participants in these recent events speak about their connection to Galilee Dreamers.

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