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Galilee Dreamers brings together select groups of Jewish and Arab high school students, teachers, and teachers-in-training from Israel to work towards a shared society.

Past activities included travel together to communities around the world. Each delegation consists of two schools whose principals have expressed interest in such an initiative. Before the groups from the schools travel abroad, they have a series of meetings together.


While they are abroad, hosted by different communities around the world, the groups from Israel participate in a transformative program including encounters with local high school students (Jewish and non-Jewish), home hospitality, dialogue, and touring.


The program aims to promote coexistence among the Israeli participants and to enable high school students worldwide to learn about the complexity and potential of life in Israel.

Delegations include neighboring high schools in the Galilee region. Although high schools are geographically close, the participants have often never met students from the other school before. Before the program, the Arab participants have had minimal to no contact with Jews, and so too the Jews with the Arabs.

Watch some alumni talk about their perspective of the program

Programs: Programs

Journeys together 

During a trip, the delegations participate in intensive encounters with students from Jewish and non-Jewish schools abroad. The Israelis enjoyed home hospitality with families and spent time during the day at various schools. They engaged in dialogue with the local students about what it is like to live in Israel as a teenager, and what their experiences are of the Jewish-Arab conflict. In addition, the groups enjoy touring in different cities. Over the years, destinations have included: New York City, Toronto, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and London. In the words of the participants:


“Every day was a new and different highlight and every day was special… I am happy that we were able to get the most out of everything;” and, “Whatever I write wouldn’t describe how amazing the trip was for me… It’s a trip of a lifetime.”

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