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Meeting between Galilee Dreamers and Ash University

On Friday, December 10, 2021, the Galilee Dreamers initiated a Video Testimonial Project with students from ASH (Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin) University of Applied Sciences. This project was initiated by Dr. Rachel Ravid and the International School, following previous successful initiatives in other areas of scholarship and social activism with Dr. Andrea Ploegger and Dr. Christoph Weipert of ASH. Several of our Galilee Dreamer teens met the social worker students and learned about their lives in Germany. The teens then shared stories about their lives in the Galilee and their encounters with "the other". They described what it is like to live in an area with insecurity from hostile countries close by, such as Syria and Lebanon. Their perceptions and vision for living in a shared society in the Galilee. This is only the first of several meetings, which will include filming family testimonials that will capture share their stories, cultural backgrounds, and values.

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