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Let there be light!

Light represents all that is positive. It is a symbol of goodness, wisdom and beauty. The joy of Hanukkah is expressed by the ceremonial lighting of candles, which increase in number daily, symbolizing, over time, how light conquers darkness.

We need light to overcome the darkness in our lives, a darkness which is brought on by our daily encounters with harsh realities created by misunderstandings, disagreements, violence in our streets and fear of the reawakening of the corona virus.

We create light when we care for the other and try to put ourselves into his/her shoes. Lasting and authentic change will only come when we are open to understanding the world through the other person’s perspective.

This is the essence of Galilee Dreamers. We reach out to the other in order to achieve closeness, and to create meaningful relationships. We learn to listen to the other’s narrative and ask questions to better understand his/her perspective. We engage with the other not only through serious dialogue, but through laughter and joy as well. We promote togetherness even when we disagree. This is the light that stems from the darkness, the light that illumines our quest for friendships, dignity,

justice, truth, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion.

We celebrate each student’s uniqueness and empower his/her strength.

May that light enable us to bless the world in all of its diversity.

On this חג האורים, I wish all of you good health, happiness and peace.

Dr. Rachel Ravid, Co-Director, Galilee Dreamers

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