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February Event at Atid Peki'in School

The Atid-Peki'in School welcomed the 11th grade cohort of Galilee Dreamers to their school on Sunday, February 13th. They so graciously greeted us with refreshments and with a special presentation from their students who will be participating in a robotics competition. The main activity for our time together was a theater workshop on narratives, memory, and family. Led by Dr. Rachel Ravid and the staff of Tnuat Tarbut (Culture Movement), the workshop began with a discussion of the concepts and pictures from the teens' communities. Then Dar and Eshchar, the leaders of Tnuat Tarbut had them create various scenes, including their own memories of discussions, helping students to analyze the narratives and to understand how a memory from the past lives on and becomes meaningful today. All this was in preparation for the long-term project that the 11th graders are involved in: documenting their stories, memories, families and narratives for a future exhibit. It was truly an afternoon that helped to build relationships between these precious teens. We thank the Atid-Peki'in for hosting us!

Atid Peki'in School

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